Spirited away (2001)

“It will protect you. It’s made from the threads your friends wove together.”

spirited away

Directed by – Hayao Miyazaki

Its known to be the finest of all animated films. Now I know why. It is one of those few films that you see has been made with so much of love. Its amazing, its absolutely overwhelming – to watch a film like that.

Spirited Away is about a glum 10 year old girl who is upset with her parents for leaving their old place and going to a new one. On their way, they get lost and end up in a strange land where the world is ruled by gods, witches, monsters and more. Her parents eat their food and so they turn into pigs, while she, with the help of a kind young man, manages to convince the owner of the bathhouse to give her a job. Now, she has to free her parents and save the people she loves in the process. I recently read somewhere that even though its not mentioned out loud, but subtly, the film is about young girls being taken into prostitution in Japan.

The film is magic, a treat and a gift to that innocent side of us and its absolutely beautiful. Every dialogue in rhythm with carefully crafted frames and so, so lovingly made. Every line, every action and every scene has so much to say and so much to give. Easily one of the greatest films I have ever watched. I again state the stated – its just overwhelming.

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Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Waltz with Bashir

Directed by – Ari Folman

Though its placed in the feature option but the film has been made entirely out of personal experiences of the director, Ari Folman who interviews his fellow veterans of 1982 during the invasion of Lebanon to restore the memories of his past.

And its all documentary – all animation watch. Not the quirky sita sings the blues type. Its real and its not. And to justify the style – what a theme to chose right? Memories of the past. Its one of its kinds.