Persepolis (2007)


Never forget who you are and where you’re from.

Directed by – Marjane SatrapiVincent Paronnaud

An animated feature film based on the autobiographical comic book by Marjane Satrapi with the same name. It is the story of a rebellious girl born under the backdrop of Iranian revolution in a family with liberal beliefs but a country that ostracizes them. My favourite character in the film was that of the grandmother. Loved her. Its impossible to believe that such an effective feature film could be made out of simple animation. It proves that more than skill, what you require the most to be an artist is vision. A beautiful film. Trust me – its a treat. The film created a hustle bustle in the country and its reception was seen dangerous. Infact, here’s an extract from wikipedia:

“On 7 October 2011, the film was shown on the Tunisian private television station Nessma. A day later a demonstration formed and marched on the station. The main Islamic party in Tunisia, Ennahda, condemned the demonstration. Nabil Karoui, the owner of Nessma TV, faced trial in Tunis on charges of “vio­lat­ing sacred val­ues” and “dis­turb­ing the pub­lic order”. He was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of 2,400 dinars ($1,700; £1,000), a much more lenient punishment than predicted.”