The lives of others (2006)

The lives of others

Directed by – Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

A film that deals very closely within the circles of politics and art in East Germany, 1984 – just before the fall of berlin wall. An agent of Secret police is conducting a surveillance without the knowledge of a controversial writer and his lover, a famous actress. From the dirtiness of politics to questioning art, everything so typical, yet mesmerising to watch.

Beautiful cinema! It is a dream to be able to watch films made like them, let alone make one. As the agent HGW XX/7 becomes more and more absorbed into their lives, there are unexpected things that tend to happen and the only person who can make a difference to all of it is him. Watch the movie for falling in love with German cinema, making you crave for more – if not for anything else! It talks about political agendas, art, love, obsession, despair – everything together and yet so perfect. Loved it.

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Head-On (2004)

“If you want to end your life, end it. You don’t have to kill yourself to do that.”


Directed by –  Fatih Akin

Gegen die wand” happens when a 40 year old Turkish German (who has become a druggie-alcoholic after his wife’s death) meets Sibel – a trapped young girl in a conservative family who yearns to get out of it. They meet in the hospital where both of them were admitted for committing suicide. She asks him to marry her so that she can get out of her family and after long he agrees. They decide to have separate sex lives – thus, like married roommates. But eventually they fall in love and what happens after that – is the reason you must watch the film.

Its stunning. Beautiful story – telling. One of those tragic love stories told in the most tragic way and you can’t stop loving it and neither can stop recommending it.Watch!

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Divided we fall

Divided We Fall

Director – Jan Hrebejk
One of the many films based on the atrocities of the Nazi period, only that here we talk about a common man who could not afford to protect hundreds of jews like Schindler did, but one of the many sensible and sensitive German families who decided to protect their previous employer’s Jewish son. An insightful watch, I  must say and definitely you’ll get a way much closer look on the lives of the commoners of that period.