Project Nim (2011)


Directed by – James Marsh

A film made on a chimp who was raised as a human child and then passed on to teachers after teachers under the care of Herbert Terrace, all of of who became integral in studying the behaviour and understanding the capabilities of the closest to human species. Five years down the line, as the fund locker emptied, he was sent to Institute for Primate studies in Oklahoma. That’s where most chimps lived. But as if that wasn’t enough for an animal who has never seen another one of his species to adapt, Nim Chimpsky was then bought by  Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP).

It is story of friendship, betrayal, suffering and perhaps, forgiveness. There is a lot to learn and derive from this utterly heartwarming documentary.

Experience, magic.

Kickass torrent link to download – click here

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