Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)


Director – Neil Jordan

After watching all the vampire series that make me nauseous, it needs guts to watch another Vampire flick. Only that this particular story of the blood sucking beasts, isn’t another flick. Its dark and full of sadness. While you can see Stephen’s character in Vampire diaries being inspired from Brad Pitt’s tendency to feed on animals that makes him ‘less evil’, there is an almost accurately lifted and dropped character of Damon from Tom Cruise’s role in the film. It the story of romance, not for sex but blood. The film is in the form of a narrative where Louis (Brad Pitt) tells the story of how he became a vampire and the events in the later years of his life that followed with Lestat (Tom Cruise) and later Claudia. Personally, its not my favourite film, maybe because of the endless prejudices I already have of Vampirism in popular culture today. But it definitely is one of the most purest forms of films in that genre, that tells more about the life and tragedy of being a Vampire than the rest which we watch today. It is actually based on the 1976 novel ‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice.

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