The Piano teacher (2001)

The piano teacher

Directed by: Michael Haneke

“You are mad.”

Brutal. I don’t know which part of it was more merciless – the act who could play characters like that or the film in itself. When you read the imdb description, ‘A young man romantically pursues his masochistic piano teacher’ and with that sexy-max poster, you don’t expect to see what I just saw.

The film is anything but romantic. A middle aged woman who lives with her elderly and domineering mother (Annie Girardot) teaches piano at a Vienna music conservatory. You see her watching porn, peeing out of pleasure after watching other people having sex in their car. On the other side – in her classes, she is the most stubborn, ruthless thing. 17 year old Walter falls in love with her and romantically pursues her but soon is repelled by her sadomasochistic fetishes.

What I absolutely loved about the film was that throughout the movie, Haneke doesn’t let you go too close to the character. When she repels Walter, she repels you. When she hurts an innocent girl because of her jealousy, you find her evil too. You find her strange and you don’t empathise with her, but you can’t stop watching her. And isn’t that for the best? Nowhere does he try to justify his protagonist, if he had – the film could have been good, but not this brilliant.

Its insane. Unbelievable insane.

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