B.A. Pass (2013)

B A Pass

Director – Ajay Bahl

When you expect so much out of a film and they crush all yours expectations? Yes, it sucks. It seems the entire indie scene in India is getting too excited and will probably get worse if not kept on check. The story is based on a short story ‘The Railway aunty’ by Mohan Sikka under one of the Delhi based noir short story collection.

Its the story of an orphan boy doing his graduation with 2 sisters to take care of. He is living at his aunt’s house until he finishes it and gets a job. His adopted family can’t wait to get rid of him and he to get out as soon as possible. And this is when he meets Shilpa Shukla who seduces him into bed and eventually he learns that she is a pimp and gets trapped in the mesh of adultery and aunties.

Even though there were parts in the film that were very well executed. For example, the entire sequence of Mukesh’s aunt’s house, the kitty party – locations were very well handled. What killed the film was confused and clumsy characterisation. I felt as if motivations were forced all throughout the film.

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