In the Mood for Love (2000)

In the mood for love

“Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought I was in control.”

Original title – Fa yeung nin wa

Directed – Kar Wai Wong

I am glad I watched it before I die. Its so dreamy. The slow motions, fixed frames for similar locations, mirror shots, music (check it out here)! The film is about love, but its not a love story. And its beautiful in a heart-breaking way.

Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-zhen rent different apartments in the same building in the same day. Both of them married to different people find friendship building between them when they find out their spouses cheating on them, with each other. It is not about the dialogues, which I know will make it even more amazing if only I could understand its natural flow. Wong Kar Wai, a two time Palme d’or winner at Cannes, is an unusual director who doesn’t use scripts while making his films. I mean – whatever, its a work of genius. Easily – one of the best romances of all times.

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