Shahid (2012)

“By subjecting me to injustice, the Lord taught me the importance of fairness. By throwing pain, humiliation, and torture my way, he taught me to be strong.”


Directed by – Hansal Mehta

One of the most effective Indian films of the year. Shahid is a biopic made on a controversial figure of Indian judiciary, Shahid Azmi. During the Mumbai blasts in 2008, many muslims were thrown in jail, many innocents among them. Shahid, who himself has been a victim of this doubt, learnt not only to get over it but became a staunch human rights activist and lawyer who went on to represent innocent muslims in front of the law.

The film starts with the information of his death in 2010 making exploration of the reason and the perspective create the suspense in the rest of the film – absolutely works. Shahid has in it perhaps one of best ever court room Indian sequences and was a very nice blend of content, dialogues, acting and timing! Good research I must say. It proves that ‘content is the king’. If that has strength, then no matter how small budgeted your film might be, it works. Must watch.

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