The machinist (2004)

Director – Brad Anderson

This really is a skeleton’s story. I will never know how Christian Bale manages to do this. Let it be Dicky Eklund in The fighter to Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, Bale is easily one of the most dedicated actors in the history of cinema, somebody who pushes his work to the edge. The film depicts the story of a young man, an industrial worker who hasn’t slept in a year. A typical thriller that gives out the real reason only at the end while actually revealing it out in many stages, quite oblivious to the viewer. His love story revolves around two women, one a whore who wants him to break her free and other is a waitress and a single mom, to who he visits every night for a cup of coffee. Both the women play have an important role to play, especially in the condition he is in. The complexity of the scenes and the performance of the actors, makes The Machinist one of the most riveting films made and I suggest, that you must watch it.

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