Bonnie and clyde (1967)


Bonnie and clyde

Directed by – Arthur Penn

Not all love stories are simple. They might seem to be. But they are not. Bonnie and Clyde is one such story. Its about two fugitives who find love, happiness and despair in their journey of robbing banks where nobody can catch Clyde Barrow and nobody can replace Bonnie Parker in his life. He is fascinating. She is extraordinary.

Its interesting how they make a film that just talks so much – through Bonnie’s eyes, Clyde’s body language, through the dusty roads of Oklahoma and yet it all comes together in a peaceful culmination – as if trying its viewers to understand them. I would like to pen down their famous poem here but I don’t want to ruin the experience for the ones who haven’t watched it yet. But when you do, remember this – it hits.

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It’s a wonderful life (1946)

It's a wonderful life

Director – Frank Capra

Watched a film that can make you feel so good about life? I had never thought there could be one film which could be my “depression antidote”. Life truly is wonderful. Infact, it was Monica Geller who really recommended this watch. Anyway, the film is about a young man named George who has always wanted to be an explorer but because of untimely responsibilities towards his family and people of his town, he is made to sacrifice it all. One day out of frustration, despite of having a family that adores him and friends who could go to any length for him, George decides to suicide. As he walks out of his house, people who love him start to pray and God hears it. He sends an angel second man (an angel without wings) to rescue George. It is such a beautifully made film that fell in love with the old style editing and colours (the film was actually colourised later). Its certainly a must watch.