This film is not yet rated (2006)

Nearly four times as many films received an NC-17 for sex as apposed to violence.

this film is not yet rated

Directed by – Kirby Dick

One of the most interesting investigative documentaries made on the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system, where it questions the entire basis of such a rating system in USA- the farce and fraud founded by Jack Valenti in 1966. It exposes ‘secrecy’ of such an organisation which branches to many political agenda and lobbyists worth multi million dollars. And the so called guidance that they provide for parents, neither with logic nor explanation, in deciding what is appropriate and inappropriate in films.

Many famous directors and victims of NC -17 rating (No children under 17 admitted) came on board to talk about their experiences, where director Kirby Dick hired a private investigator to find out who these secret members of the MPAA rating department were. Sexual content, nudity, sexual preference, violence in films, even copyright acts by Valenti are discussed extensively throughout, by filmmakers, producers and actors.

Its extremely gripping and very surprising for a member of the third world nation like me who considers USA to be one of the most transparent nations in the world. The truth behind it was just a thrilling eye opener.

A must watch.

Exit through the gift shop (2010)


Directed by – Banksy

What is good art? Is it an idea that has never been seen before? Or an idea that has never been seen the same way before?

Exit through the gift shop is a film by a famous UK based graffiti artist cum political activist, under the pseudonym of Banksy. He was followed by a man with a camera on his underground stencil missions in 2000’s claiming to make a documentary on street art. This documentary is about that man.

Thierry Guetta did know how to shoot absolutely anything and create a legacy as he did with this film. But he could not become a filmmaker as he had set out to. What he did become – will blow your mind by the end of Exit through the gift shop.

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