Katiyabaaz (2013)


Directed by –  Deepti KakkarFahad Mustafa

Now, this came as a surprise. One, I did not expect I would love it so much. Two, it was not even a feature film! I know that sounds a little stupid. But you have to watch it to believe me. Powerless is not really a docudrama but gives you a feel of it and strikes the right chords with its effective story telling.

Powerless / Katiyabaaz is an objective take on the issue of habitual power cuts in Kanpur that goes up to 15 hours a day. While Loha, one of the many (but one the best too) katiyabaaz (an electrician who steals electricity), plays Robin-hood figure by charging the rich to provide free power connections in poor neighbourhoods. On the other hand is the first female chief of KESCO (Kanpur electricity supply company), Ritu who has vowed to clean up all illegal electricity connections, a first step forward to eliminate powerlessness.

The story of both sides comes as a sensible, informative, hilarious and gripping tale of the city’s predicament, from the people deprived of it to the officials responsible for it and of course, the politics that makes it all the more interesting.

Earth (1998)


Director – Deepa Mehta
The first of the elements trilogy by one of the best directors Indian cinema has ever seen. The film based on the lives of different people of the varied religions in the land of diversity, India. Earth provides a very strong cinematic experience to the viewers of the condition of the common people in the border of the nation. While the politicians made their decisions for the ‘greater good’, the film is a reflection of that bitter truth that persists not only in the borders but across the two nations, India and Pakistan.

A film that MUST not be missed..

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002)

Mr. and Mrs. Iye

Directed by – Aparna Sen

The story of two people of different religion, different caste, one of them rigid about that – Mr and Mrs. Iyer is a film about strangers from perhaps opposite parts of the world or rather country finding strength in each other during the times of curfew in which one of them’s life in danger. What amazed me about the film was the little details about everyone in the bus who were stuck in the middle of religious blood bath. Konkana Sen is just unbelievably natural! And Rahil bose – can he be more sexy!?

The namesake (2006)

The namesake

 Director – Mira Nair

I am so in mood to fall in love with Indian cinema. Its a pity that I call myself a film buff when I haven’t watched the best films ever made. The namesake is a film based on a book by Jhumpa Lahiri. It tells the story of a couple who moved to England and then America where they brought up their children, its the story of a young boy is named after his father’s favourite author – the author who changed his life, its the story of a mother, a father, a son and no, the daughter’s part is kinda excluded in the whole picture. Nevertheless. Amazing film.