In a better world (2010)

Sometimes it feels like there is a veil between you and death,
but that veil disappears when you lose someone you loved
or someone who was close to you,
and you see death clearly, for a second,
but later the veil returns, and you carry on living.
Then things will be alright again.


Directed by – Susanne Bier
Written by – Anders Thomas Jensen

There are some films which are meant to make a difference. Such films seep into your bones and stir every part of you with such overwhelming mixed emotions.

On one side you see a swedish man Anton, a doctor trying to save as many lives as possible in Sudan. On the other side, back home – his innocent good hearted 12 yr old son, Elias befriends a strangely quiet boy in school, Christian who saves him from being bullied. While Anton has to deal with big bullies of the world who cut open pregnant women’s bellies just because they can, he also is trying to imbibe in his son the meaning to let go of bitter feelings. Because it does good to nobody.

Their lives intertwine in ways, one action leading to another – human emotions expressed so sublimely and with so much caution..

Its beautiful. Too powerful.

Faithless (2000)

Faithless poster

Director – Liv Ullmann

Originally named “Trolösa” in Swedish, Faithless is a woman’s story of love, betrayal and tragedy that changed her life who herself is an imaginary character in the mind of the aging director, Bergman. The film gives away the style of Ingmar Bergman (the script being written by him after all) and is a very reflective piece of work with delves deep into human emotions from love, affairs, sex, jealousy, marriage, children and even death. It definitely is one of those rare films which portray adultery in its most raw forms, and how helpless life can become in the name of fun. The film is slow and powerful, something you don’t want to miss at all.