Lincoln (2012)

 “Do you think we choose the times into which we are born? Or do we fit the times we are born into?”

Lincoln (2012)

Director –  Steven Spielberg

Abraham Lincoln, the man who changed the world. I don’t know if anybody better could have possibly made it better than Spielberg but I KNOW – that nobody could have played it better that Daniel Day lewis! Best of luck to him at Oscars, I don’t think he’s got competition this time. Not that they aren’t good enough, the actors are brilliant but Day Lewis deserves a much larger adjective there. I don’t have to say how good the film is. Its history, like a lesson that makes you an ignorant if you don’t learn.

Dead Poet’s society (1989)

Dead Poet's society

Director – Peter Weir

That feeling when tears fall down eyes and as you wipe them it is not for the loss of a character, but for the mere sense of purity, the emotion tickles down your eyes and as you write the words after watching the film, the only thing you happen to realize is  ‘Darn! I sound like a poet!’. I was like in that awkward moment like, ‘John Keating isn’t real?’. Until  I researched around to find that that was John Keats I was worried about. Anyway, you know what I think about the film, so why bother. Just watch IT. Its not possible to not love it. I have to salute Tom Schulman‘s imagination and Weir‘s style. Its too good to be delayed in your watchlist.