Sex and lucia (2001)

“You have to choose. Wild sex with a stranger, or wild sex with someone who’s crazy about you, and who you love? Go ahead. Be frank.”

Sex and lucia poster

Directed by – Julio Medem

Julio Medem likes to play with the minds of his audience and well, he is damn good at it. The film starts with Lucia getting a phone call leading her to believe that her lover, Lorenzo is killed in an accident. Soon, the story if interweaved with Elena, who a long time back had had casual sex with Lorenzo in the ocean.

Sex and Lucia is about Lorenzo, a writer whose depression we learn about in the discontinued narrative, it is about Lucia who is his passionate lover trying to understand the reasons of his misery and it is about Elena, whose life has been struck with tragedy. And all of this comes together magically in the film.

The  subtle confusions are a part of the plot and the effect. The characters on the other hand have actually been freed from the dubiety of the plot and are as clear and strong as the security of an artist’s brush while drawing his imagination.

Its way too beautiful a film.


Talk to her (2002)

Talk to her

“You heard her. She loves it.”

Directed by – Pedro Almodóvar

Love – a powerful word that is. Talk to her is a very strong representation, if I might call, of the loss of love or rather – about love that is not lost, even if it is.

Weaving into the lives of four people – a male nurse who is obsessed and in love with a dancer and a journalist who meets an infamous female matador and eventually falls with her. Both the women, in their respective tragedies become comatose and that is what the story revolves around. Feelings can be subjective to the past and the film has also been treated like that, with flashbacks, discontinued narrative which makes it all the more interesting. A beautiful film, subtle yet loud. Loved it.

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Lovers of the arctic circle (1998)

I’ll love you always and if the petrol runs out, I’ll die.

lovers of the arctic circle

Directed by –  Julio Medem

One of those typically beautiful storytelling. Its like reading your favourite book, a classic at that. The likes of Amelie or A very long engagement or Love me if you dare and an absolutely heart warming and heart wrenching film at the same time.

Otto and Ana meet and fall in love when they were kids but with Otto’s mother’s death, he leaves. The film is their search for each other and the denouement, the climax comes with a silent bang. Coincidences are a character in themselves in films like these but again they are not meant for the sake of ‘conveniences’. They are fairy tales and not all of them have a happy ending.

Watch it! The beauty of human emotions – their ways of expressing it.. Incredible.. The film itself is basically a palindrome, like the names of the protagonists – Ana and Otto. The story is the beginning and the end – but meets in the middle. In a metaphysical film as this, the characters provide a ground of reality.

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The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)


“How do you live a life full of nothing?”

Original name: El secreto de sus ojos

Director – Juan José Campanella

I saw it when I was in 11th. Back then (it does seem like way back!), even using the term Oscars was like privilege. Luckily they had this film ‘by mistake’ in the DVD counter for rent. I bought the film and 4 years later I have every single scene imprinted in my head. When a former federal agent decides to write a novel, he goes back to his past, 25 years rewind – to a case of rape and murder of a young woman that he solved but with a glitch in the ending. He isn’t satisfied with the main end and goes searching for the widower of the victim but only to realize something that he had never imagined in all these years.

The Sea Inside (2004)

The sea inside Poster

Directed by – Alejandro Amenábar

Originally called ‘Mar Adentro’ in Spanish, the film is based on the real life story of a Galician ship mechanic, Ramón Sampedro who was left quadriplegic following a diving accident and fought for 30 years with the help of his lawyer to be granted the right to end his life and Euthanasia. The film again has its different layers, the fantasy world of Ramon where he is in love with Julia and the company, friendship of a local woman who dissuades him to give his life up. But with nothing but unceasing love, he manages to make accomplish things in their lives that they had never even imagined of.

More than stories, reality hits people the hardest and the same happened to me. With this reality unfolding in utmost honesty on the screen – there is nothing more fulfilling. Javier Bardem will always remain the favourite of world cinema, always and Mar Adentro is perhaps one the best examples.