In a better world (2010)

Sometimes it feels like there is a veil between you and death,
but that veil disappears when you lose someone you loved
or someone who was close to you,
and you see death clearly, for a second,
but later the veil returns, and you carry on living.
Then things will be alright again.


Directed by – Susanne Bier
Written by – Anders Thomas Jensen

There are some films which are meant to make a difference. Such films seep into your bones and stir every part of you with such overwhelming mixed emotions.

On one side you see a swedish man Anton, a doctor trying to save as many lives as possible in Sudan. On the other side, back home – his innocent good hearted 12 yr old son, Elias befriends a strangely quiet boy in school, Christian who saves him from being bullied. While Anton has to deal with big bullies of the world who cut open pregnant women’s bellies just because they can, he also is trying to imbibe in his son the meaning to let go of bitter feelings. Because it does good to nobody.

Their lives intertwine in ways, one action leading to another – human emotions expressed so sublimely and with so much caution..

Its beautiful. Too powerful.

All about my mother (1999)

all about my mother

Written and Directed by – Pedro Almodóvar

Opening in Madrid, it is a story of a single mother who loses her teenage son to a car accident and in grief, leaves the city for her hometown, Barcelona. There she reunites with her old friends who have become prostitutes now and meets new ones who again, make her reunite her with old, distant memories.

The film delves into various facets of human emotions and human beings in general, mostly around women and transexuals in Spain. People are subjected to a lot of pain and suffering in this world and its complicated. Some films make it simple for our better understanding and some, keep it the way it is. All about my mother is one of the later – keeping the humour of life intact. And its sort of epic.

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The lives of others (2006)

The lives of others

Directed by – Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

A film that deals very closely within the circles of politics and art in East Germany, 1984 – just before the fall of berlin wall. An agent of Secret police is conducting a surveillance without the knowledge of a controversial writer and his lover, a famous actress. From the dirtiness of politics to questioning art, everything so typical, yet mesmerising to watch.

Beautiful cinema! It is a dream to be able to watch films made like them, let alone make one. As the agent HGW XX/7 becomes more and more absorbed into their lives, there are unexpected things that tend to happen and the only person who can make a difference to all of it is him. Watch the movie for falling in love with German cinema, making you crave for more – if not for anything else! It talks about political agendas, art, love, obsession, despair – everything together and yet so perfect. Loved it.

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The lunchbox (2013)

The lunchbox

Director – Ritesh Batra

There has been a lot of buzz on lunchbox not being selected from India into Oscars and let me inform you that I am not one of the bees. But I must definitely ask you to watch the film. One of the best and most well made and ambitious films in Indian cinema – this year and for many more years to come.

A simple love story about an elderly man working as a clerk, about to retire after 35 years of government service and a middle aged housewife. The man is a widow and the woman is one of the many lonely wives living a claustrophobic life with a husband who is least bothered about her and cheating on her. The lunchbox she sends her husband gets exchanged to our protagonist and as she confronts with him through a letter, that is where the story starts. The entire set up might be cliched, but the treatment is absolutely unique and just beautiful weaved together under the theme of famous dabba system in Mumbai.

The simplicity of the typical young Indian housewife, the typical neighbours of an Indian household and all the characters – very well written. What it fails to do to me is the fact that I felt it could have touched me more if Irfan Khan’s character wasn’t so closed as it was. Nevertheless, must watch.

PS – The film won Grand rail d’Or at Cannes this year and was also screened at TIFF and has done good job in the box office too collecting around 11 crores for the first week. The hype helped. Way to go indie!

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)


“How do you live a life full of nothing?”

Original name: El secreto de sus ojos

Director – Juan José Campanella

I saw it when I was in 11th. Back then (it does seem like way back!), even using the term Oscars was like privilege. Luckily they had this film ‘by mistake’ in the DVD counter for rent. I bought the film and 4 years later I have every single scene imprinted in my head. When a former federal agent decides to write a novel, he goes back to his past, 25 years rewind – to a case of rape and murder of a young woman that he solved but with a glitch in the ending. He isn’t satisfied with the main end and goes searching for the widower of the victim but only to realize something that he had never imagined in all these years.

Persepolis (2007)


Never forget who you are and where you’re from.

Directed by – Marjane SatrapiVincent Paronnaud

An animated feature film based on the autobiographical comic book by Marjane Satrapi with the same name. It is the story of a rebellious girl born under the backdrop of Iranian revolution in a family with liberal beliefs but a country that ostracizes them. My favourite character in the film was that of the grandmother. Loved her. Its impossible to believe that such an effective feature film could be made out of simple animation. It proves that more than skill, what you require the most to be an artist is vision. A beautiful film. Trust me – its a treat. The film created a hustle bustle in the country and its reception was seen dangerous. Infact, here’s an extract from wikipedia:

“On 7 October 2011, the film was shown on the Tunisian private television station Nessma. A day later a demonstration formed and marched on the station. The main Islamic party in Tunisia, Ennahda, condemned the demonstration. Nabil Karoui, the owner of Nessma TV, faced trial in Tunis on charges of “vio­lat­ing sacred val­ues” and “dis­turb­ing the pub­lic order”. He was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of 2,400 dinars ($1,700; £1,000), a much more lenient punishment than predicted.”

Incendies (2010)


“One plus one, does it make one?”

Directed – Denis Villeneuve

A Canadian film with dialogues in French and Arabic, Incendies is one of the most surprisingly incredible film. It was also nominated in the best foreign language film category at the Oscars and BAFTA. The film starts with the death of a woman whose children (twins – son and daughter) have come to read her will to a lawyer under who she worked a secretary for many years. With a strange wish to bury her naked, face down with no name in her grave, she sets her children on a mysterious path with two letters. One, to be given to their father and another, to her long lost son and their brother. The journey unfolds the precarious life that the woman led and eventually the truth that dawned them all. One of the best thrillers ever made under the scenery of Lebanese civil war that took thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds and hundreds of homes and families. Lubna Azabal was a mystery you love to watch throughout, without moving away from the screen for even a minute. The film is based on a book “Scorched” written by Wajdi Mouawad.