Malèna (2000)

From now on, I’ll be at your side. Forever, I promise. Just give me time to grow up.


Directed by – Giuseppe Tornatore

Malèna is a tragic story of a woman seen through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, Renato who falls madly in love with her. It is filmed under the backdrop of World War II when Italy goes to war against the allies. Malèna, who is exotically beautiful becomes a fantasy for every man, young and old of the town (Sicily) but when her husband dies in the war, she is seen as a whore. Only Renato knows that she is innocent. As the society taboos and feeds on her beauty, the ultimate renouncement takes place when the US takes over Sicily and there is complete chaos.

The film was too dramatic for me and I refuse to believe that people could be this mean (it was extreme here). But probably the treatment’s intention is to showcase it on the evil side, so as to make the audience empathise more. It works in a way, especially in the end when she is not as beautiful as she used to be and women start accepting her because of that – it does talk about the hypocrisy around us. And mind me, it was based in 40’s after all. I didn’t like the film that much, but there interesting subtexts to explore.

Most of them men reading this, might have already watched it, so I don’t really need to recommend. Its Monica Bellucci after all.

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