Rain Man (1988)


[In a telephone booth with the door closed]
Raymond: Uh oh fart. Uh oh fart.
Charlie: Did you fart, Ray? Did you fucking fart?
Raymond: Fart.
Charlie: [Trying unsuccessfully to open the door] How can you stand that?
Raymond: I don’t mind it.
Charlie: How can you stand it?
Raymond: Ten minutes to Wapner. We’re definitely locked in this box with no TV.

Director – Barry Levinson

‘I am Sam’ made me smile, cry and aww a million times as I remember. But I definitely don’t know when was the last time I watched a film, laughed my ass off at almost every scene and to think that the genre is not even comedy! Rain Man is easily one of the most favourites of all. Dustin Hoffman is unbelievably a genius – a true genius. Interestingly he modifies the roles and works on them with the makers of the film. As he was approached for the part, first he had to take Tom Cruise’s role as Charlie, the yuppie bro who has been inherited with almost nothing after his millionaire father’s death. Instead he chose to play, Raymond, a savant autistic – left with all the million bucks, who was earlier supposed to be a merry, mentally retarded person but as I suggested before, Hoffman changed that. And that bagged him the Oscar in the best lead role as well. Shouldn’t be a news if you have already watched it. And its hilarious, its sweet, its so beautiful in every way imagined! I can’t get over it, yet. Isn’t that the favourite feeling in the world?