An inconvenient truth (2006)

Mark Twain said:
What gets us into trouble, is not what we don’t know.
Its what we know for sure that just ain’t so.


Directed by – Davis Guggenheim

One of the most famous documentaries of all times. The entire film is based on a detailed presentation that Al Gore, the former vice president of United states has been giving all over the world for many years now, to generate as much awareness as possible on Global Warming.

It starts humorously where he introduces himself as “I’m Al Gore, I used to be the next president of the United States of America”. And then it takes sporadic turns and twists with awing facts and figures and comparisons of ‘how it used to be’ and ‘how is looks like now’ images of the earth. The film again intercuts with his own personal life – where the fear of his 6 year old son’s death, made him realise what it meant to lose something that you take for granted. Since then, he never looked back.

As he asks us to take nature’s warnings seriously and to stop being mad – before its too late, he demonstrates the sentiment of scientists all over the world by putting tons of gold (economy) on one side of the weighing scale and the complete earth (nature) on the other – maintaining a balance, he says.

It was almost embarrassing and I could not help but wonder, that why – aren’t we serious yet? Do we need a dramatic tragic consequence to shake ourselves from our daily lives and actually think what we are leaving behind for our future generations? He also provided facts of how the most developed nation in the world, The USA – is responsible for almost all the carbon emissions that creates Global warming.

To the skeptical minds, he gives them this:
“Out of 928 peer reviewed articles, 0% had a doubt in the study. While out of 636 articles in popular press, 53% had a doubt. So no wonder, people are confused.”

Apart from the content, the film was undoubtedly very powerful. You could almost feel the hopelessness of the man in his crusade against killing mother earth and the constant motivation to not stop. That is quite something, isn’t it?


Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

Director – David O. Russell

Now that’s the kind of film I can say I LOVE. Comedy, drama, realism and romance – what a film! A man is suffering from bi-polar disorder who is trying to get his life straight by attempting to get his marriage work by reconciling with his wife. The man is Bradley Cooper – his dad is Robert De Niro and his mother is Jacki Weaver. And the “mysterious” woman who enters his life is Jennifer Lawrence – our Best actress at Oscar this year – do I need to say more?

I loved it! From David O. Russel’s screenplay to direction – the never-gets-better casting and the perfect adaption of the novel with the same name – Silver lining Playbook is an utmost pleasure to watch. A film made in that genre usually doesn’t get an oscar  – but I am glad it was nominated – because it totally deserved to!