Prisoners (2013)


Directed by – Denis Villeneuve

The hype was quite obvious. Its Hugh Jackman after all. For me, it was the man himself. If you have watched incendies (I have written about it before, here), then you would definitely know what I mean. Even as you watch Prisoners, it will prove that the guy is definitely a master when it comes to thriller. The minute details and the absolute bringing – alive – the – character, that’s what worked for the film.

The film is about the abduction of two girls and entire process of search that goes on around it. I must mention Paul Dano here, who actually is the prisoner – his characterisation was undoubtedly the best. It is not everyday that you give Jackman an ordinary role and ask him to make sure that the story tells more than him infront of the screen. His performance just cannot not go unnoticed. While Gyllenhaal might not seem in the foreground due to the presence of some overwhelming actors, his character was again one of the most well written and well played here.

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Incendies (2010)


“One plus one, does it make one?”

Directed – Denis Villeneuve

A Canadian film with dialogues in French and Arabic, Incendies is one of the most surprisingly incredible film. It was also nominated in the best foreign language film category at the Oscars and BAFTA. The film starts with the death of a woman whose children (twins – son and daughter) have come to read her will to a lawyer under who she worked a secretary for many years. With a strange wish to bury her naked, face down with no name in her grave, she sets her children on a mysterious path with two letters. One, to be given to their father and another, to her long lost son and their brother. The journey unfolds the precarious life that the woman led and eventually the truth that dawned them all. One of the best thrillers ever made under the scenery of Lebanese civil war that took thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds and hundreds of homes and families. Lubna Azabal was a mystery you love to watch throughout, without moving away from the screen for even a minute. The film is based on a book “Scorched” written by Wajdi Mouawad.