A room with a view (1985)


Room with a view

Directed by – James Ivory

I have never really been a fan of English classics, but since I really liked this one – am guessing to be developing an aptitude for it afterall. Based in an EM Forster novel of the same name, the film is about a young couple in love in a typical british classical era, but with more characters of “free” thinking to entertain this time. Daniel day lewis was absolutely remarkable as the boring intellectual in love, as were the other well performed actors. Maggie Smith’s role as lucy’s annoying chaperone is good too. It might look I liked the side dishes more than the main menu but that’s not true. It was a beautifully adapted film, even bookworms would not find the scope to complain.

There will be blood (2007)

“I drink from your milkshake!”

There will be blood

Director – Paul Thomas Anderson

The title will either attract you or in an unpalatable way, repel the hell out of it. I had it in my watchlist for like 2 years but never had the guts to really watch it. But since Paul Thomas Anderson became a cult for me, I knew that I HAD to watch THIS. And boy,I didn’t know that a film could possibly go so bad in your head! It is about an oil man who with his adopted son aims to become the most powerful man in the business. The ups and downs of the journey, the risk in every step and then a mishap that makes the boy deaf – its the story of a power-hungry man and his conflict with life. Its gory. No, not the SAW series type. Its the kind of gore, you can feel seeping into your bones, with its music, dark transitions, exceptional performances by its terrific actors. I have no words for Daniel Day Lewis, I really don’t.

Lincoln (2012)

 “Do you think we choose the times into which we are born? Or do we fit the times we are born into?”

Lincoln (2012)

Director –  Steven Spielberg

Abraham Lincoln, the man who changed the world. I don’t know if anybody better could have possibly made it better than Spielberg but I KNOW – that nobody could have played it better that Daniel Day lewis! Best of luck to him at Oscars, I don’t think he’s got competition this time. Not that they aren’t good enough, the actors are brilliant but Day Lewis deserves a much larger adjective there. I don’t have to say how good the film is. Its history, like a lesson that makes you an ignorant if you don’t learn.