A royal affair (2012)

I think some people are so sealed inside their fate
that they hide deep within their mind.

A royal affair 2

Directed by – Nikolaj Arcel

Mark Twain said, History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Well that I think will sum up this beautiful piece of work for us. A royal affair is based on a book Prinsesse af blodet by Bodil Steensen-Leth.

In the 18th century, a princess from England, Caroline married a mentally ill King, Christian VII of Denmark. It was only to realise that Denmark was not as liberal and open to ideas as she thought it would  be. Inevitably, the couple grows apart in an unhappy marriage destined for forever. Enters,  Johann Friedrich Struensee. A royal physician who saves the king from a small pox epidemic and becomes respected in the state. But in other revelations, we learn that he is a member of the Enlightenment group – who aim to reform the state with liberal and fair – proved ideas.

Soon his influence on the king becomes a disturbing factor for the statesmen ruling for years and the affair between queen Caroline and Johann becomes an ambush to end it for all.

Exciting right? Hell yea it is. You don’t wanna not watch it.


Shahid (2012)

“By subjecting me to injustice, the Lord taught me the importance of fairness. By throwing pain, humiliation, and torture my way, he taught me to be strong.”


Directed by – Hansal Mehta

One of the most effective Indian films of the year. Shahid is a biopic made on a controversial figure of Indian judiciary, Shahid Azmi. During the Mumbai blasts in 2008, many muslims were thrown in jail, many innocents among them. Shahid, who himself has been a victim of this doubt, learnt not only to get over it but became a staunch human rights activist and lawyer who went on to represent innocent muslims in front of the law.

The film starts with the information of his death in 2010 making exploration of the reason and the perspective create the suspense in the rest of the film – absolutely works. Shahid has in it perhaps one of best ever court room Indian sequences and was a very nice blend of content, dialogues, acting and timing! Good research I must say. It proves that ‘content is the king’. If that has strength, then no matter how small budgeted your film might be, it works. Must watch.

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Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

Director – David O. Russell

Now that’s the kind of film I can say I LOVE. Comedy, drama, realism and romance – what a film! A man is suffering from bi-polar disorder who is trying to get his life straight by attempting to get his marriage work by reconciling with his wife. The man is Bradley Cooper – his dad is Robert De Niro and his mother is Jacki Weaver. And the “mysterious” woman who enters his life is Jennifer Lawrence – our Best actress at Oscar this year – do I need to say more?

I loved it! From David O. Russel’s screenplay to direction – the never-gets-better casting and the perfect adaption of the novel with the same name – Silver lining Playbook is an utmost pleasure to watch. A film made in that genre usually doesn’t get an oscar  – but I am glad it was nominated – because it totally deserved to!

Zero dark thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty

Director – Kathryn Bigelow

We all know what its about. Its a piece of unforgettable history, a piece of American account that put the watergate scandal to shame. Its Maya’s quest for Osama Bin Laden, and its definitely amazing. One of the biggest hits of the year that unfortunately could only oscar for the best sound design – Zero dark thirty is a watch that will make you want to believe in Maya, which am sure we wouldn’t have if we didn’t know Bin Laden was already dead. I really liked the film, one reason cos Jessica Chastain was superb.

But its definitely not my favourite in the genre – still give more points to Argo, but then that is loosely based as opposed to the real account of 1979 Iran hostage crisis. I don’t think it could have been made better – it ‘looks’ accurate, convincing because of the minimum drama and more facts and work, less emotions – some beautifully intense. Cheers!

Lincoln (2012)

 “Do you think we choose the times into which we are born? Or do we fit the times we are born into?”

Lincoln (2012)

Director –  Steven Spielberg

Abraham Lincoln, the man who changed the world. I don’t know if anybody better could have possibly made it better than Spielberg but I KNOW – that nobody could have played it better that Daniel Day lewis! Best of luck to him at Oscars, I don’t think he’s got competition this time. Not that they aren’t good enough, the actors are brilliant but Day Lewis deserves a much larger adjective there. I don’t have to say how good the film is. Its history, like a lesson that makes you an ignorant if you don’t learn.

The impossible (2012)


Director – Juan Antonio Bayona

Its been so long that I have been dying to watch this. The plot itself got me so excited. Well the excitement is nothing compared to the feeling that you have when you actually watch it. It definitely is amazing. The sound effects and visuals will give you chills and Naomi Watts was just outstanding. She definitely deserves to be nominated for the Academy awards. Though many people who have seen the actual videos of the disaster complain that the waves are not captured that well cos they were much larger, I chose to avoid the technicalities. Cos as much I saw, I loved it! My favourite quote in the film: “I will help you.” Watch it. U must.

The hobbit (2012)


Director – Peter Jackson

I am still doubtful about the imdb rating, maybe cos I am not a great fan of the Lord of the rings series. So, I will just stick to the main points. It definitely was beautiful. Peter Jackson is known for creations like this and we expected no less. While there was humour, good characterization, heroism and amazing aesthetics to praise about – in the film. What lacked was the plot and the clichéd performance of the characters. Plus, it was long and dragging. Didn’t feel that was necessary. But again the good part – music.  Tolkien. 😀

Chakravyuh (2012)


Director – Prakash Jha

Its depressing when you expect. Because expectations truly is a bitch. My bad. I saw Mano Bajpai, Abhay deol and Arjun Rampal on the posters and it was all that I needed to be smitten. So, not a great film. A fine touch on the topic though. Manages to create an understanding on the issue. What lacked was due sensitivity with all the drama taking the essence of reality, making it nothing but commercial fiction. Plus, the dubbing was poorly made and Esha Gupta is plastic. Having to look at her acting is even more depressing.

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Cloud atlas

Directed by: Tom TykwerAndy WachowskiLana Wachowski

One of the finest made science fiction. The past, present and future all are connected. The lives that they lived, the deeds that they were a part of – all are connected. There are six stories that range through various epochs of time. The narrative is astounding – definitely a work of brilliance. The entire story actually revolves around ‘change’ that has taken over the time because of those few drops of water that eventually made an ocean


Pitch perfect (2012)


Director – Jason Moore

Ah. One of the high school musical type films. With the only difference that HSM had its original scores and this film just DJed all the music. Not bad. Might even get you on your feet for a while. After a hectic day and after watching so much of ‘good cinema’ which actually is never tiring, Pitch perfect might be a good break. This post means, its not a great film but surprisingly I liked it.