Boys don’t cry (1999)

Were you like me – a girl, girl?
Ya. Like a long time ago. Then I guess I was just more like a boy – girl. And I was just a jerk.

boys dont cry

Directed by – Kimberly Peirce

Rarely do you come across films that are based on real life incidents and given such authentic treatment that its almost believable. There has been controversy on the portrayal of the characters and the ‘truth’ behind their real lives, but that I think is quite inevitable.

Brandon Teena was a trans man. ‘A he’ but anatomically ‘a she’. It accounts Teena’s experiences as a man after he decided to embrace his sexual identity as a boy. He then started dating a girl, Lisa Tisdel – but became a victim to jealousy and hate-crime of Tisdel’s friends who were ex-convicts living in Falls city, Nebraska.

I found it very disturbing. But it also updated my knowledge on transsexuals around the world. Hilary Swank was absolutely stunning in her portrayal of Brandon Teena, the boy who was unfortunately born a girl. Loved it. These are the films that make history and it did.


All about my mother (1999)

all about my mother

Written and Directed by – Pedro Almodóvar

Opening in Madrid, it is a story of a single mother who loses her teenage son to a car accident and in grief, leaves the city for her hometown, Barcelona. There she reunites with her old friends who have become prostitutes now and meets new ones who again, make her reunite her with old, distant memories.

The film delves into various facets of human emotions and human beings in general, mostly around women and transexuals in Spain. People are subjected to a lot of pain and suffering in this world and its complicated. Some films make it simple for our better understanding and some, keep it the way it is. All about my mother is one of the later – keeping the humour of life intact. And its sort of epic.

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Magnolia (1999)


Director – Paul Thomas Anderson

Now I can finally say who my favourite director is. Yes, I found him – when he was always there, right in front of me (on the screen, invisible)! I am talking bullshit, but am not. And it totally makes sense because I watched Magnolia. Have you watched an abstract film with a story that will be entirely capture your senses? Films like these get into your bones. The characters will upheave you from normal sense, like a metal pathology. Two dying men, two strung-out women, two losers (in their own way) in search of love, a compassionate nurse with an incessant urge to make people happy, a young man with a sense of deep loss inside who frantically tries to hold on to what he calls his beliefs and a young boy who is held fast in the adult ideology of children that makes them treat them the way they do. The complexity of the characters and the simplicity of the story, the intertwining relation of events and a surprising metaphor at the end, which you can interpret on your own. Loved it. A must watch. Like seriously.